Evaluation of the PSAE project in Burkina Faso and feasibility study of an intervention in Phase 2 (Tilgré Jeeguoli program)

Services provided

Phase 1

  • Preparation of the feasibility
  • Conducting a focused evaluation of the PSAE
  • Evaluation of the Component 4
  • Institutional procedures
  • Analyze policies, strategies and the institutional and legislative framework in terms of support for rainfed, agro-ecological and value chains in Burkina (with regard to the deterioration of security conditions)
  • Current state of the situation
  • Implications for project design to be consistent with national objectives
  • Evaluation of thematic dimensions (environmental / societal)

Phase 2

  • Detailed Project Formulation
  • Detailed report
  • Mandates and modus operandi of the various stakeholders
  • Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)
  • Monitoring Committee

Phase 3

  • Drafting operational documents
  • Letters of assignment / operational and institutional set-up
  • Specific documents of the environmental and social management framework

Experts mobilized

Tero experts

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Other stakeholders