Our added value

07 Feb 2023

Tero's added value lies not only in the way it operates and in its cooperative multi-partnership, but also in the approaches and methods used by the associated experts and in their teamwork, which makes it possible to make the most of the diversity of their backgrounds and multidisciplinary skills acquired in the field in France and abroad:

  • Ability to analyse territories and adapt to the context in order to propose solutions adapted to the needs of local actors;
  • Cross-cutting and integrated approach on the scale of farms and territories;
  • Participatory and collaborative approach, multi-stakeholder consultation;
  • Long-term reflection and analysis of the effects of the intervention a posteriori.
  • Experience and consideration of the realities on the ground

The combined skills of confirmed experts in consultancy and experienced development practitioners (NGOs, OPAs, companies, public sector), engaged on a daily basis in territorial development actions.

Tero's expert members provide references and proposals on sectors, territories and natural resource management, based on field actions tested and validated in France and abroad.

Internationally, a network and strong alliances with national professionals committed to rural development in their countries,

In France, members who live and work in their territories, and the building of alliances with other consultancy firms and development associations sharing our values and themes of intervention


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