Cooperative of committed experts

Since 2015, Tero has been working for the agricultural and rural development of territories, in France and internationally, and for their food and energy autonomy

Tero in France and in the world

les valeurs-min

Our values

Tero's interventions focus on building the capacity of actors in the territories.

Our principle is not to substitute ourselves for the actors but to act in a complementary manner. In the fields of expertise, we always seek the active participation of local populations and do not hesitate to incorporate local expertise rooted in our mission areas.

Our added-value

Tero's added value lies not only in the way it operates and in its cooperative multi-partnership, but also in the approaches and methods used by the associated experts and in their teamwork, which makes it possible to make the most of the diversity of their backgrounds and multidisciplinary skills acquired in the field in France and abroad.

la plus value