Continued support in the field of value chains and the strengthening of local partners at the Inter-Aid 2020-2022 agricultural program convention

Services provided

Following a first bead support mission of TERO in the framework of a previous program agreement of the AFD for the period 2017-2019, the proposed mission focuses on the continuous support to capacity building of Inter Aide teams and its partners in terms of value chains and the effects of the support provided on the value chains for the targeted peasant families. Ongoing support to agricultural services and value chains development strategies led by IA and its partners will take place over the period 2020-2023 in three main phases:

  • phase 1: diagnosis of the stakes and definition of priority support by country and commodity chains;
  • phase 2: accompaniment of the implementation of the commodity chains support;
  • phase 3: evaluation of the effects of the sector actions carried out.

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